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Motion Capture App

The BiomechTools MoCap App is a super simple tool for capturing coordinate data for the major joint centres. Point the phone at your participant and you will see the joint centres overlaid automatically. Press record and this data will be saved ready for exporting. 


Operating Menu

Open the operating menu by tapping the menu icon in the top left. 

By default the app will capture the whole body however, just the left or right sides can be selected if desired. 

The filename can be entered for the exported data. Consider adding trial numbers here to help keep track of multiple trials.

The app will capture data at 30 frames per second (30 Hz). It may be less if you have an older device. Note! We don’t suggest using a device any older than an iPhone 8.

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Data Export

The data can be exported as required. The file is a .csv and can be dropped directly into Excel.

If a point goes out of view, it will be replaced with NaN (not a number) in the output file. 

Currently the app does not record video data. If you would like this, we recommend swiping up from the bottom and doing a screen record.

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